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Come and enjoy the power of light ...

take a lightwalk with us.

Do you want to study Photonics?

The 21st century will depend as much on Photonics as the 20th century depended on electronics.

Take your chance and study Photonics at HTW Chur | Switzerland.

Photonics is the enabeling technology for smart devices


Photonics is the technology of light and other forms of radiant energy whose quantum unit is the photon.

Learn about engineering with light.

See the future of light in the field of photonics.



are the basics of the technology in photonics. Photonics is about using light, creating light and modifying light.


The internet travels through optical fibres made of glass -thinner than a hair.


Metal cutting is based on photonics. Laser technology is used in medical applications.


It would be impossible to transfer todays amount of information such as images, videos, e-mails and audio without light. The internet is built on light.

Electro-optical devices

Our world without computer screens and cinema projectors, beamers or television screens is unthinkable.

Speed of Light

Nothing goes as fast as the speed of light. If we could travel at the speed of light we could travel around the world seven times within one second.

Alternate Energy

Photovoltaic is the technology of converting light into energy. It is visible as solar pannels on rooftops. The amount of radiant sun energy that passes the atmosphere in one second is equal to the yearly world’s consumption.


Photovoltaic energy allows to live and work in remote places, such as satelites in space and on other planets.

Health care

Devices like electro-microscopes save lives. They allow us to look closer into the materia. X-rays even allow us to look into the human body. The technique of ultrasonics provide us the first picture of our unborn children.

Environmental Monitoring

Photonics is the basis of observing the environement and it helps us in the prevention.


Document scanners, fingerprint scanners and even the supermarket scanners are all based on photonics. Our daily live depends in a  great extent on these technologies.

Cutting-edge Uses

Photonics involves the future in smart devices and innovative technologies.

… and many others.

The self driving car is unthinkable without the technology of speed of light, that is implemented in the controlling cameras in the cars of the future that will navigate autonomously in the streets.

Discover the Power of Light

Spot the Power of Light

Engineer the Power of Light

Enjoy the Power of Light

Photonics is the Science of Light

With the characteristics of photons and lightwaves you will explore the universe in all scales, you will be able to cure diseases, engineer new devices and even to solve crimes.



Engineering Devices

Photonics underpins technologies of our technical life from smartphones to laptops to the Internet to medical instruments to lighting technology.

Engineer your own future in the Photonics lab

As a Bachelor student you will research in the Photonics labs.

Engineer your own future in the Photonics lab

Invent your very own Laser gadget in the Photonics lab.

Deep insight in the science of light

Applications in analysis of cells, cancer protection or bacteria are very important. Light is non-invasive. So you can look through the skin without a needle to analyze the blood sugar.

Photonics is your future world

Far-reaching engineering possibilities are limited only by lack of your imagination.


Time-of-Flight or 3D Measuring

3D imaging is a hot topic these days in many industries. Optical sensors are in the transition phase from 2D to 3D.

Come and study Photonics ...

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Photonics is amazing and fascinating ...

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